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The Vacuum Cleaner that simplifies cleaning

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV601UK], Blue/Steel Grey

Have you ever found yourself in a disheartened mode after buying a brand new vacuum cleaner that wont give a proper suction for sufficient cleaning? Well, unfortunately this happens quiet often when people are not getting value for money and expected functionality with their vacuum cleaners. Sometimes vacuum cleaners last only for few weeks after purchasing and makes you wonder indefinitely where the problem could be, it's either the inner brushes stop spinning or fails to execute sufficient cleaning. The vacuum cleaner would also randomly make funny noises when the belt has broken, difficult to push around the house or the motor suddenly goes on a dead stop.

The Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner seems to have come just at the right time to make your cleaning easier than before. You can convert it into a handheld vacuum, and comfortably hoover your stairways and ceilings.

  • The upright vacuum has strong suction on carpets and hard floors, enhanced with swivel steering

  • LED lights: Illuminate concealed dust and pet hair pile-ups in dark areas and under furniture

  • Five years manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind

  • Converts to handheld vacuum. Clean anywhere with extended reach and attachments


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