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The non-sticky bakeware set

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Are you tired using sticky, non-sturdy metal trays that never cease to be a nightmare to get through the dishwasher? Get yourself a silicon bake-ware set that will make and transform your baking hobby to be less of a headache.This set is flexible, easy to clean and will never turn you down.Bake your cakes, roast dinner without having to worry about the smell of rubber or scratches on the surface. Make the right choice and get great value for this " must have'' bake-ware set.

Get yourself bake-ware mold sets made of BPA Free Food Grade silicone which makes it easier to clean after baking session. The set comes complete with plastic measuring spoons and dishwasher safe silicone moulds to suits all your baking needs. The bake-ware sets are also capable to take on material molecule transition, meaning taking it from the freezer to oven without subsequent heat cracking. The hardened silicon set can be used with oven and has the ability to retain mould after being exposed to oven heat.


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