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Make Yoga your hobby and best friend during these quarantine days.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Yoga does not only help to revitalise your mind but also increases the flexibility of a range of movements in our joints, muscles and tendons. As people get old they become less active, so does their muscle activities and joints. Yoga is a simplified method of achieving increased muscle endurance and helps burn calories, thus reducing weight.

Flexibility is not only beneficial for domestic purpose i.e. cooking, house chores etc nevertheless, as you get older you become more prone to muscle injuries and susceptible to other diseases preventing efficient functioning of bone movements and joints. Yoga plays a significant role in preventing injuries by helping you stay active and flexible. Your body needs nutrients on daily basis for you to remain healthy, the heart is working 24/7 to achieve this role by circulating oxygen and transporting nutrients to your vital organs. However, only a healthy heart is able to perform its function effectively, thus, it is very important to keep your body active, in turn keeping your heart healthy.

Can Yoga reduce stress and sleeping disorders?

Keeping healthy life style can never be fully comprehended without adequate sleeping and resting the body through sufficient sleeping. The heart pumps blood and circulate oxygen to the brain in order to revitalise brain cells and keep the brain healthy. Yoga constitutes of various meditation activities that can better sleeping quality and mental stability. Meditation can also help to clear negative thoughts and enrich spiritual well being. A study conducted by Healthline in women, shows that after three months of Yoga program cortisol levels in women lowers drastically. The women also showed low levels of anxiety, fatigue and depression.

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