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Groom your pet with style

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Keeping your beard and hair groomed at all times as is just as important as maintaining your pets at home. As they say,a pet is a companion and life time commitment. We need to take good care of our pets and keep them clean at all times. A well maintained pet is not only beneficial to its own healthy but the health of others in close contact with it.

Why do you need to groom your pet?

  • Grooming your pet is not only beneficial to its health but also keeps the environment hygiene and people in frequent close contact with your pet.

  • As with humans, pets also enjoy feeling revitalised and their skin refreshed and healthy.

  • As mentioned previously, a hygiene pet means a healthy family. There are some people who love pets and just cant stop hugging and brushing them, you also cant avoid pets jumping on your and using their claws to grab or lean against you. Nail cutting your pets is vital at times as nails can carry gems if not maintained.

  • Grooming your pet can also be another way to get close to it and helps you to understand your pet even better should there be something troubling it, such as infection or injury.

The PetKing Pet Grooming Clippers kit is designed with low vibration and sound emission so your pet feels comfortable while you’re shaving its hair! This is one great way to ensure a perfect grooming to your pets.

  • LOW NOISE - Pet clippers for dogs and cats are designed with low vibration and sound technology! Under >58db noise rate will ensure comfort and safety for your pet when shaving. Let them feel comfortable!

  • SHARP CERAMIC BLADE - ceramic blades are more expensive than regular but effectiveness pays for itself as they won't dull quickly, neither thick pet hair will make them jam allowing you to enjoy smooth, long-lasting experience.

  • CORDLESS EXPERIENCE - dog grooming kit is designed with a rechargeable battery, giving you 60-70 minutes of operational power with 3-4 hours charging time. If you require, cord option available too! Feel free with PetKing cordless shaver!

  • QUALITY MATTERS - designed from high-quality materials to ensure the effectiveness of electric parts. No random failure, jamming or interruption with PetKing pet grooming clippers!


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