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Echo Plus (2nd Gen) is a simpler way to start your smart home

Sometimes you just cant seem to have enough when coming to gadget collection. The tech world evolves as we speaking, new inventions pops in and already occupying the shelves. But how do we know which ones are best suited for our everyday life? People often say size doesn't matter, but most certainly in the tech world sound does matter. We all want devices that suits our special needs and requirements i.e. connectivity, better sound, voice control, long lasting power and flexibility.

The Alexus Echo plus is well designed to suit you sound needs. The stereo is fantastic for the price, the quality of the sound is simply awesome and there is so much bass and clarity that you feel like you're actually listening to the drumsticks crashing down on the drum kit. I would recommend to anybody. Also, those microphones are very sensitive they would pick up commands on the other side of the house.

Call almost anyone hands-free including UK mobile and residential numbers (from UK only), other Echo devices, Alexa app and Skype. Link your Vodafone account to make and receive mobile calls. Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible Echo device. With seven microphones, beam-forming technology and noise cancellation, Echo Plus hears you from any direction - even while music is playing.


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