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COVID-19 contact tracing App to pose data privacy issues?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken many lives to say the least and continue to take its toll, devastating and fracturing both developed and developing economies. It is not only a survival of the fittest economy as one would think, but we see much overwhelming infection rates surging across the whole world. This pandemic can well be defined to stay if a vaccine is not developed at the same speed as the rate of infection. The health systems across the world are being tested during this event and bearing much greater lesson for the future.

Social distancing can boost the reduction of the spread of the COVID-19 as vastly stressed out by many COVID-19 committees across the world. However, more needs to be done if the infection rates are to be curbed under a tight ceiling. This is merely in virtue of people spreading the virus without even knowing or understanding the real concepts of transmitting the virus- this is a major predicament that's awaiting solution. Many governments across the world and state officials frequently stress out and heavily rebuke the spread of hoax news, myths and propaganda pertaining COVID-19. Drastic measures can be taken if you are found to be contravening with set laws and regulations by your State.

The NHS have put the production of a COVID-19 contact tracing App at their RAF bases In England to alert people who might have been in contact with someone infected. The App works by using Bluetooth signals to log or notify you when smartphone owners are close to each other, the other users are able to be alerted if someone is infected and also advised on routes to take. The App is currently under trials in England and should hopefully be out sooner than the arrival of a vaccine. The App seems to fit the equation to my opinion, in a sense that it might reduce the strain imposed on Health officials to execute mass screening tests.

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