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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Do you sometimes get frustrated for not having a simple tool to repair something urgent i.e. remote, DSTV decoder, laptop, cellphone, plug etc and ruining the fun when the kids are about to watch their favourite cartoons? Well, you not the only one. It happens quiet often whereby you want to fix something inside the house, garage or storeroom but discover to have deficient tools to execute the repair.

With iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit set of tools, you can fix anything inside your house.Your Mac book laptop and motherboard screws can be unscrewed for the purpose of repair or if you self-upgrading , without any hassle. If you need to clean your smartphone USB and charging port, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit can be handy. No need to stress about all DIY projects and mini repair works around the house, just unpack and pick the right tool!

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Including Mako Precision Bit Set with 64 bits, Magnetic bit Driver and Flex Extension, Repair Tool kit for iPhone iPad Laptops PC Smartphones Watches Glasses and Other Devices


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